This is the End

Release Date: June 14th, 2013

Directors: Evan GoldbergSeth Rogen

Writers: Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg

Stars: Seth RogenJay BaruchelJames Franco

Yesterday the red band trailer for This is the End was released and I cannot wait to see it! This movie appears to be the R-rated comedy version of the Oceans 11 movies. What I mean is it’s a bunch of friends (who happen to currently be the biggest names in comedy) all in one movie where the sole intention is to just have fun. If the red band trailer is any indication, it’s going to be worthy of a midnight screening.

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  1. Just watched this and sincerely wish I hadn’t. This is a great example of how I hate how much they reveal in trailers. SPOILER: I’m SURE Michael Cera’s death would have been a hilarious a quick surprise, but now I’m expecting it. That’s preeeeeetty bogus if you ask me.


    • Yeah. It is pretty heavy on revealing things. As are most other trailers, unfortunately. That’s why I’ve adopted a fairly strict “one view” policy. There’s two and a half months between now and This is the End, I doubt I’ll have Michael Cera’s death scene in my head then.


  2. I’m sure, though, that as soon as you see him you’ll remember. Maybe that’s a projection, but I certainly will. I also don’t think ALL trailers do this. I remember seeing the trailer for Inception several times and still going in knowing almost nothing about it. That should be the standard for trailers. If the only way to get people to see your movie is by showing them the four funniest parts in the trailer, your movie might not be great. I’m not saying this movie will be the same, but it’s happened more than once.

    For the first time ever I’m trying a total trailer blackout. I’ve avoided everything about Star Trek: Into Awesomeness. We’ll see how that goes.


    • Yeah, that may be a projection I’m sure I won’t remember it when the time comes. But I understand others will and that is a serious problem. Inception is a great example of the perfect movie trailer. The music used in the trailer is still my alarm on my phone. Seriously.

      Hopefully the trailer for This is the End doesn’t ruin the experience for you. It looks like it’ll be a great movie. And I’ve avoided most of the promos for Star Trek 2. I’m really excited for it.


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