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I don’t usually watch previews for upcoming episodes, but I watched them for next week. I’ll just say, I think next week looks like a great episode. For now, let’s talk about What’s Wrong with Norman.

This week’s entry is going to be brief because I’m feeling a bit sick. “What’s Wrong with Norman” advanced the story well. Norman passed out in class and doesn’t remember going after Dylan with the meat tenderizer. Meanwhile Dylan bonded with his new coworker and now Emma and Bradley both want Norman’s D.

It was a good episode. Norman struggling to understand himself was great. I think it’s going to make for some good TV in the weeks to come. If Norman is ready seeing visions of his mother, it makes me wonder if the writers are going to kill her off sooner than expected, like a few seasons from now.


It would be interesting to see the eventual final season of the show take place after Norma’s death with visions of Norma guiding Norman on a season long murder spree culminating in a young woman named Marion Crane arriving at the motel.

Dylan and the pot fields don’t interest me that much. Between the pot industry running the town and the human trafficking, I’m obviously more interested in the human trafficking.

Speaking of which, it’s good to see such a quick return on the mystery introduced at the end of the pilot episode. Although, who’s to say the woman in Shelby’s creepy basement isn’t a figment of Norman’s imagination? I guess we’ll find out next week.


Here are a couple other things about the episode that sprung to mind:

1. Freddie Highmore’s acting in the scene where he noticed the belt is gone bothered me. It seemed like he was trying just a little bit too hard. I noticed it in the opening scene of the pilot when he goes to Norma in the bathroom.

2. Emma using Yahoo Answers made me picture her asking “how is letters formed?”

3. I really like Dylan being the abrasive voice of reason when he comments on Norman and Norma’s bizarre relationship.

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