Taking a break from House of Cards (that show is incredible, by the way) to deliver a regrettably late Trailer Tuesday.

Just released today is the first trailer for the highly anticipated Ender’s Game. I’ve never read the books but I have friends who have and swear by it. The trailer is replete with special effects and the movie is rounded out by a very impressive cast.

2013 is truly becoming the “year of Sci-Fi” and I love it. Ender’s game is set for a November release. I am going to read the books before I see it. I can’t wait. View the trailer below…


Buy the book on Amazon!


  1. That they show Mazer Rakham in the trailer is beyond frustrating. I get showing a big name actor in the trailer, especially hot off of Iron Man 3, but the fact that he is alive is a MAJOR plot twist in the book. I’m forgiving that Asa Butterfield is a little old for the part of Ender, but Mazer Rakham is strike one.


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