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Here’s the latest episode of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast with Matt & Tiny. This was a lot of fun to record. We had my friend Mike on as a guest. I’ve been friends with both Mike and Tiny for a long time and this is the first time they’ve ever interacted with each other. So it was definitely fun to record.

This week we spend a lot of time deconstructing the inner working of Guillermo Del Toro’s latest movie Pacific Rim. Our reviews were all pretty in line but it led to some great discussion.

After that we take a hard look at this year’s Emmy nominees.

We still want to hear your memorable movie theater experiences! We’ve gotten some great submissions so far. In a couple weeks we’re going to select one and send a $10 Amazon gift card to whoever wrote the one we choose. So keep them coming.

Enjoy this week’s podcast and, if you feel like it, write us a review on iTunes.

Episode 6 – Pacific Rim, 2013 Emmy Nominations and Cartoon Immortality

(To download directly: Right Click the Above Link –> Save Link As to Download)

Timestamps: Pacific Rim Review – 4:46; Emmy Nominations – 26:34

Matt’s friend Mike joins the guys this week to discuss the 2013 Emmy nominations, the tragedy of The Simpsons’ immortality and share their thoughts on Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. All while Matt grossly mispronounces every name in Hollywood.

PACIFIC RIM SPOILERS at 14:22–16:29 & 18:27–19:56 & 24:10–25:05

Enjoy. Feedback is very welcome and highly encouraged. You can reach me and Tiny on Twitter @ObsessiveViewer and @ObsessiveTiny. You can also find us on Facebook at The Obsessive Viewer. Contact us in the comments here or send us an email using the form below.


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