Release Date: October 4th, 2013

Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Writers: Alfonso CuarónJonás Cuarón

Stars: Sandra BullockGeorge Clooney

The above alternative poster was found here.

This week’s Trailer Tuesday is, admittedly, my first repeat. Back in May, I featured the teaser trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s highly anticipated space thriller Gravity. The movie features Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as two astronauts stranded in low Earth orbit, fighting the vacuum of space for survival.

Below is a whopping 5 minute long trailer that cuts together 3 recently released clips with some shots from the original teaser thrown in at the end. This was my first time watching it in its entirety.

Truth be told, when the clips were release I only watched the first one. As a night shift security guard, I have an entire empty office building to myself. During some downtime, I ducked into a conference room and loaded up the clip on YouTube. It took me two tries.

The first try, I felt such an intense rush of adrenaline and anxiety that I had no choice but to turn off the clip. Seeing the actors in peril as the structures connecting them to their shuttle are torn apart gave me the sensation that the conference room walls around me were closing in. I suddenly felt suffocated. I can’t remember the last time a trailer gave me such a reaction.

After that first attempt, I couldn’t resist watching it to the end. I reloaded it and viewed it in its entirety. By the end I was stunned, my excitement for the movie rejuvenated (not that it ever wavered).

I’m so excited for this movie, I’m posting the trailer twice on the blog. It’s funny, in May’s entry, I mentioned that Gravity “leap frogged over Man of Steel, Star Trek into Darkness, This is the End and Pacific Rim to become my most anticipated movie of the year.” In the 2.5 months since I wrote that, I’ve seen all 4 of those movies. I loved a couple of them (Star Trek into Darkness, This is the End) and was disappointed by the other two (Pacific Rim, Man of Steel). Gravity runs a damn good chance of trumping all four of those movies, though. Easily.



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