Under the Dome is getting dangerous. This was the second week in a row that the show has had a strong episode. It’s successfully lulling me into a false sense of security as to what kind of quality we can expect from the rest of the season.

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Overall, I liked this episode. It was a strong display with a focus on Chester’s Mill as a community. I was definitely on board. With a series like this, where we have an isolated group of people, it’s very important to build up the society you’re isolating. The scenes in the tunnels this week were a big step in the right direction for Under the Dome.

Screenshot_2013-07-25-10-21-33I enjoyed the way “Visitor’s Day” was handled. The show played up the sense of foreboding very well without overdoing it. The actual content of the Visitor’s Day scene was a mixed bag, though. I’m already tired of Norrie’s paternal issues and it’s only been given a few scenes. And the actor playing Rusty (Linda’s fiancé) really bugs me. It’s not really his fault, it’s just that he doesn’t have much to work with. It’s possible I’m harboring resentment over the vast change from his novel counterpart.

Screenshot_2013-07-25-10-20-40Seeing Junior in his police uniform had the opposite effect on me. He looked goofy. Hopefully he carries himself better, I guess. In any case, Barbie’s reaction to seeing him in uniform was perfect. I got a kick out of their scene together. I also really liked Barbie’s backstory. The scene where he tells Julia about his military history was played very well by Mike Vogel.

Angie’s release was a little…strange. I’m glad Big Jim released her. It shows some of the complexity of his character. It made me wonder what his course of action would have been if the Dome wasn’t about to be bombed to hell.

Angie and Junior waiting out the bomb in the bedroom was odd to me. She was confined for a week. Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t seem that likely to set in. But, I guess the characters were faced with their impending death and needed any semblance of normalcy.


The scenes with the town huddled together in the tunnels were the best scenes of the series so far. I’ll forgive the sudden urgency of Norrie and Joe frantically looking for Angie. It felt like the writers forgot to add a reason for the kids to be outside and figured they’d throw in a shot of them yelling for Angie.

I love the scene with Junior and Big Jim. When Junior left to go find her, I thought for sure he was going to murder her and then Big Jim would have that weighing on his conscience. But Big Jim killing the good reverend was satisfying enough. Between the desolate wasteland outside the dome and the blood pouring out of the ear, the episode ended strong.

All in all, it was a very strong ep. Still some kinks to work out, but this week there was more good than bad. I’m excited for next week. This is when the town should be really, truly freaking out. There is a lot of really good potential here.


Parting Thoughts

  • “Joe, why would the Dome talk to us?” – I must say, I’m enjoying the way some of the characters are treating the Dome as a life-form. It really adds to the surrealism of it.
  • Butterflies on the dome are weird but awesome to see.
  • “DOME-estic Disturbance.” Heh. That’s cute.
  • Peter Shumway’s sister having a dear John letter from him for Julia was a little convenient.
  • As someone who can’t grow adequate facial hair, I’m jealous of Mike Vogel’s beard.
  • I loved the MOAB plot. Great source of suspense even though you know it’s not going to work.
  • Why was the episode called “Blue on Blue?” Why not “Friendly Fire” or “MOAB” or “Dumbass Government Plans Don’t Work”?


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  1. Matt, I missed last weeks “Blue on Blue” episode. So many CBS shows have their episodes posted so that one can watch them if they are missed. Is there a location where one can find the missed episode 5? I have search online and at CBS but have not found anything. Thanks for your help. I like your reviews.


    • Hey Bob. I’m glad you like my reviews.

      You have a few options for catching up on Under the Dome. Before the show premiered, CBS inked a deal with Amazon to stream the series as it airs. You have to be an Amazon prime member to get it for free, though.

      You can also spend a couple bucks and buy the episode digitally on Amazon or iTunes.

      Check your cable provider too. They may have it on demand. With AT&T U-Verse they have back episodes of it on demand.

      I hope this helps. And I hope you get to see the episode. Take care and thanks for reading.


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